Braindead Dairy #20: Time To Climb!

My mountain climbing knowhow was exposed today when I attempted to buy some ice grips that are good for flat ground! More interestingly, the guy who was assisting me explained that current conditions for the mountain I hoped to scale are terrible, and that he temporarily lost the sight in his left eye when reaching the summit two weeks ago… :O

Nonetheless, I am headed to the Lake District tomorrow, and while I may not have the equipment to reach the top of Helvellyn (the third highest peak in England), I am at least going to scale some of it, feel a bit of the wind, the cold, and push on until my comfort zone has been reached. Not conquering the summit isn’t a big deal. I’m not here for a challenge so much as I am to fish for experiences, to inject them into the story.

Book II and the season is winter which is convenient. Fiction is going to stroll into reality, then back again! I need to hear and feel what its like to scramble on snow-capped rock without breaking any limbs. As I hike about I’ll have a notebook with me for on-the-go thoughts. I’ve got a compass and map too which should be a laugh as my sense of direction is shite.

A lot of writers have stowed themselves away in remote areas for the duration of their writing. I haven’t got the means to do that but this is the next best thing. Writing a trilogy is no joke and sometimes the creative process can feel like a slog, uninspired. That’s another reason why I think doing things like this is good. It’s another way of faming the creative fire.

Annnnddd GO!


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