Braindead Dairy #22 : Shit Writing or Just Tired?

You’ve finished your days’ worth of writing, you go over however many words you’ve done, knowing that (technically), you are further ahead with your project and yet, little progress feels like its been made. No sentences stand out. You question whether the story sucks.

I haven’t had this problem recently but it does occur from time to time, and it doesn’t always mean that what you’ve produced isn’t worth wiping your butt on.

The old adage goes hard writing makes for easy reading. It’s true and, generally speaking, you know if what you have written is good or not, but there is something to consider while you slave away over your unborn masterpiece. There is that chance that what you’ve written isn’t actually that bad – you’re just frazzled.

Even with genuinely well written books there is a degree of concentration needed that isn’t for more passive entertainment like film. So, when you’re simultaneously writing a story and wondering how you’re going to correctly thread plot points it’s understandable your prose isn’t always going to shine. There’s too much static. You can’t absorb the story.  

Of course, there is that chance that what you have written really is awful, but just remember that creating is not always enjoyable. Actually, George Orwell once compared the process of writing to a long bout with illness! 😀


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