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Dare To Read: 13 Tales of Terror

Dare to Read: 13 Tales of Terror

A unique anthology of tales, from the domestic to the supernatural, from a deep-sea monster to a serial killer confession, there’s a good chance some of these will unnerve…

(FREE Short Story) – A road trip across America takes a nasty turn when four youths visit a radio station in Oklahoma…


Short Stories

Judith’s Ashes

Judith's Ashes

An estranged family member inherits the ashes of his recently deceased mother…


The Surgeon in the Woods

The Surgeon in the Woods

Read this one for FREE – Very short and horrible…perfect over a cup of tea!


Killer in The Coop

Killer in the Coop

Some men are driven to do terrible things like Eli Wray, but it is often the appearance of a normal person which is more disturbing…

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